Eternal life is now

Eternal life is not the afterlife

Eternal life does not start when your  current physical body dies. We are unable to experience eternal life  completely in the mortal bodies we currently possess. This because  eternal life is forever and our mortal bodies only have a finite  existence. But Jesus and his followers demonstrated that we can  experience some of eternal life in our mortal bodies.

Experience eternal life now

We can experience eternal life now by surrendering to God. Surrendering  to God is a lifestyle. It includes believing there is one God who  determines how the Universe works. It includes believing you like to do  things God does not like and he will severely punish you because you do  them even if you are a good person. It includes believing God allowed  his son, Jesus, to be executed so that you can escape God's punishment.  It includes believing God loves you and everyone else although there is  evil in the world. It includes willing to do what God's want you to do  even if it seems difficult, impossible, irrational and causes you  discomfort because you know God will give you peace, joy, and comfort by  doing so.

Surrendering to God

Surrendering to God is choosing to obey God because you know he loves  you and only wants good things for you although you live in an evil  world and you do wrong sometimes.