Eternal life is now


Eternal life is not the afterlife

Eternal life means experiencing good all of the time forever. Eternal  life does not start when your body dies. We are  unable to experience eternal life  completely in the  bodies we currently possess. Our bodies are mortal and have a finite  existence. In addition, bad and evil things can happen to us. However, Jesus and his followers  demonstrated because we have eternal life, we can stop the evil in this world, such as sickness and bad storms. That's why we say eternal life is now.

Experience eternal life now

We can experience eternal life now by surrendering to God. Surrendering  to God is a lifestyle. Surrendering to God requires you adopt the following beliefs.

  1. There is one person, God, who created the Universe and determines how the Universe works. 
  2. God will allow you to experience evil all of the time, because you do not seek to do good all of the time.
  3. God manifested himself as a person roughly 2000 years ago. This person's name is Jesus. We call him the son of God because he didn't have a human father.
  4. God allowed Jesus to be executed so that we can escape experiencing evil all of the time. To escape experiencing evil all of the time, you have to believe what was written about him in the Bible is true. If you believe it, God will change you so that you desire to do good more often. You will do the good you desire to do. You will dislike evil more and receive power to overcome evil.
  5. God loves you and everyone else. Although evil may happen to you, you will never stop believing God loves you and wants you to experience good all of the time. 
  6. God will tell you to believe things that do not make sense, but you will eventually understand them and think they are good. 
  7. God will ask you to do things that are difficult, impossible, or uncomfortable. However, if you do them you will experience good.

Surrendering to God

Surrendering to God is choosing to obey God because you know he loves  you and only wants you to experience good all of the time. You will never stop believing this under any circumstance.