God Loves You


A Popular Quote from the Bible

God loves you so much that he sent his son into the world to suffer so  that you can overcome your suffering and live forever.
-John 3:16  (paraphrased)

John 3:16 is one of the most quoted scriptures of the Bible. It was a  phrase that Jesus said. It is important because it is expresses many  things about God and his ultimate plan for the earth and humans. To  understand this we have to explain who is God and what is there a need  for a plan.

God and the Human Race

There is only one God. This one God created all of the laws and  principles that govern our universe. As a result, we consider him to be  creator of everything. Technically speaking, he didn't create  everything. He created the principles that determine how the first  created being can produce more of themselves. So he didn't create the  trees that are in the Amazon rain forest. Many years ago he created  trees that are the ancestors of the trees in the Amazon rain forest. He  didn't create you and me out of the dirt.

God created Adam and Eve, the first humans, and from them all humans were created. This may be scientifically impossible, but we know the early  humans did not have the bodies we have today. They lived for hundreds of  years. Therefore, we cannot apply our understanding of humans now to  the first humans and their close descendants. However, there are two  things about them that is exactly the same, we have a soul and we know  good and evil.

The Soul, Good & Evil, and the Kingdom of God

Each of us has a soul that lives in our body. This soul does not die or  stop existing when our body stops functioning. God has a plan to allow  our soul to live in immortal bodies on Earth. During this time,  everything on Earth will operate according to God's kingdom. In God's  kingdom, there is no sickness, sorrow, pain, or death. Therefore, no one  who does evil can exist in God's kingdom because evil involves one of  these four things. Evil  Although our bodies will eventual perish our  souls will not. If we surrender to God, he will allow our souls to live  in the immortal bodies and experience the joys of being on an Earth with  no evil. However, our souls know good and evil. This is the second  thing we inherited from the first humans, Adam and Eve.

All human-beings know how to do good and evil. We inherited this from  the first humans, Adam and Eve, because they made a choice to stop only  knowing good, but to also to know good and evil. However, when they  obtained this ability, they lost the ability to only do good. We are  like them. We do the evil we know about. Everyone may not do all the  evil they know of. They may only do a little, such a tell a lie or say  harsh words to a loved one. Regardless, God considers this little evil  as the evil that will not exist when his kingdom rules Earth. However,  there is good news.

The Good News

God provided a means for our souls to be remade so that any evil we have  done or will do will not be accounted toward us. God will always see  our souls as good and capable of living in bodies in his kingdom when it  takes over Earth. God did this by taking an aspect of himself and  making it a human being. This human being is the man Jesus Christ. Jesus  Christ is considered the son of God because his soul is essentially God  that lived in a normal human body. This mean his soul was similar to  other human souls in that it was subject to the weaknesses and impulses  of the human body. For example, the body of men have a strong desire to  have sex. This desire is so strong it causes them to do evil things to  have sex. The body of Jesus also had this strong desire. However, unlike  many men, Jesus did not succumb to the temptations to do evil to  fulfill his sexual desires. Jesus did not succumb to temptation to do  evil to fulfill any desire or need of his body. When Jesus lived on  Earth he did three important things. 

  1. Jesus showed that God's  kingdom is real. He demonstrated this by doing various acts that showed  good triumphing over evil, such as healing sick people. 
  2. Jesus  showed that God loves humans and cares for them by meeting their needs  and protecting them from harm by feeding thousands of people and  stopping destructive storms. 
  3. Jesus was executed. God made it  possible so that he does not have to judge us according to the evil we  do. God did this by allowing Jesus to suffer and die by being executed.

Why doesn't God make all humans good?

Since God is all-power couldn't he just made the souls of all humans  good? He could have, but that is not how God operates. Recall, God  technically did not create all humans. He created two humans and give  them the power to create the human race. God puts principles in place by  which he governs the universe. Part of this governance is providing  places for humans and other beings, such as angels, to live and exist.  As a result, God has to provide a place for people who do evil to live  outside of the kingdom when it rules on the Earth. However, the only  place anything good, enjoyable or peaceable will be is inside of God's  kingdom. Outside of the kingdom will be a place evil can exist.  Therefore, this place has to be full of misery, pain, and suffering. God  decided that he would use the bloodshed and suffering Jesus underwent  at his execution, in place of the suffering and misery that evil people  will endure outside of God's kingdom. However, this requires that we  acknowledge that God's kingdom will rule Earth and we will live outside  the kingdom of God because we are evil. We also have to believe that  Jesus was executed so that we can live in God's kingdom.

In addition, we have to stop giving in to our impulses and desires that  cause us to do evil. God knows that on our own this is impossible. That  is why after you decide to make the decision to be part of God's kingdom  and believe in Jesus, God will remake your soul. Another term for this  is born again. With your new soul, your desire to do good will become  stronger than your desire to do evil. However, there is more. When Jesus  was on Earth, he showed the power of the kingdom of God to overcome  evil and do good. In addition, the early followers of Jesus also  demonstrated this power. This power is available to anyone who has been  born again. If you have been born again, it is available to you as well.  This power comes from an aspect of God called the Holy Spirit. The Holy  Spirit is like a communication link between your heart and mind and  God's heart and mind. The Holy Spirit provides a means for God to speak  to you directly. You don't need a pastor, priest, prophet or teacher to  tell you what God is saying. By the Holy Spirit, God will speak to you  directly. It is from this direct connection with God, you will be able  to manifest the power of the kingdom of God.

Become born-again today!

Because God loves you, he wants you to be part of his kingdom that will  rule Earth. He wants you to experience that kingdom now. By the power of  his kingdom, you will experience good although evil exists on Earth. In  addition, you will be able to help others experience good and overcome  evil in their lives. Therefore, make the choice and receive God's love  and become born-again. Just go here "I want to be part of the kingdom"  and we tell you how to become born-again right now. It does not matter  what your religion is or if you do not have a religion. Anyone can  become born-again.